It's cool kids vs geeks as Dale picks his heavenly housemates...

I would like to make an apology. I stand corrected. Luke did not vote for himself it was in fact Dale who voted for himself [which to be honest makes much more sense as he seems to be the most desperate for power]. However, in my defence, I am currently nine months pregnant and may be suffering from baby brain, although it doesn’t change the fact that Luke is a little toad.

May I also add that even though I am heavily pregnant, even my pants aren’t as big as the ones BB have given Kat.

Anyway, back to business, why the hell has Dale picked Rebecca who is no help in any of the tasks and only moans to be a heavenly housemate? Also, why has he picked Rex when he already had a week of luxury?

I’ll allow Maysoon because she went up for head of house, but I’m starting to think Darnell only put himself in hell because he was worried Dale wouldn’t pick him anyway, just in the way Mo did. It’s very true when they say heaven in full of the cool kids at school and hell is full of the geeks. Although Luke is definitely the exception to the rule.

Quick question, was Darnell asking Mo who he talks to least in the house [Luke and Rebecca] his way of sorting out nominations? I’m not too happy about that one. It might not be breaking the rules, but it’s not right. Also Mikey is such a liar when he claimed he liked Mo, he has slagged him off constantly since he’s been in there and he should at least admit it.

But back to Dale who is such an arrogant little sod. Mo might be a bit over sensitive, but Dale gets on my nerves. I think we’re all forgetting that dim Dale was part of the original axis of evil with Jen. I beliveve it’s him ‘talking with his dick out’.

Meanwhile, Beyonce really has nothing to worry about if Bex’s dancing is anything to go by. I also don’t think any Page 3 girls are exactly quaking in their boots for the new slapper on the block. The girl has no self respect, a bloke tells her to get her kit off and she does. Class.