Dale takes over from Darnell as head of house as they monkey around...

Darnell’s reign as head of house is now over, which I personally feel is a shame. However, it was good to see the other housemates battle it out to take over from him, even if Bex’s attempt was beyond pathetic.

Bex didn’t even try and the fact that even Mikey and Luke didn’t bother standing up for her says it all. I don’t quite understand why though they all thought it would make great TV?

As Stuart put it, you know things are bad in hell when you put your hopes in Rebecca. Then again, this is also the man who thought he would find true love in the house. Is he mad? The only surviving couple so far is Grace and Mikey – how many of you would like to be like them?

Also I’m confused why Luke kept making out he voted for Darnell when he actually voted for himself in the election. Also his excuse that he couldn’t take part in the gorilla task because he was on antibiotics was particularly lame. He truly would make a good politician.

I’m worried about Darnell at the moment. His angry outburst tonight was totally uncalled for and I don’t get where it came from. He was really aggressive. Having said that I don’t think Dale exactly helped matters, especially by calling him a baby. Dale wanted to be head of house so badly I hope now he’s got his wish it bites him on the arse.

At first I found it funny and loved the fact that Mo and Kat sent themselves to hell for bananas, but now they’ve been asked to pack their suitcases I’m genuinely worried for them as I don’t want to see either of them go and I have no idea what BB has in store for them.

Seeing Mo cry was sad and Kat was a really good friend [unlike Rex]. Please be lenient BB, considering the nomination rule breaks some of the other ones have done, in my opinion, it would be unfair to punish them too severely . I’m printing up my ‘Save the BB two’ T Shirt now!