Jen leaves, while Sara, Maysoon and Belinda join the not-so happy house...

Oh no. What a shame. Jen has gone. Bye then. Right now that’s out of the way we have three new housemates. How exciting.

So far I like Sara, have not much of an opinion on Maysoon and Belinda. Oh Belinda. I think I may want to kill her after a few days, although her heart does seem to be in the right place.

Her opening line to Lisa of: ‘If I was a lesbian and not married I would marry you.’ Was bizarre to say the least. She’s a touch too jazz hands for me, especially when she started singing. It was like Amy Winehouse, on crack, singing cabaret after a Fray Bentos binge

The girls [Belinda, Belinda, bloody Belinda aside] are already causing some raised pulses amongst the men whether the boys want to admit it or not. I notice Rex already setting the groundwork by saying he wasn’t sure if he still had a girlfriend on the outside. To be honest I think he was mainly being so friendly because he doesn’t really like many people in there so was relieved to have someone new to talk to, although maybe I’m just being naive.

I do worry about his relationship with Mo though. Mohamed is obviously already a little upset that Rex is getting more attention from Sara than he is. I smell trouble.

Rex’s hair is also starting to resemble a Mr Whippy and he might want to be careful about slagging off all the other housemates to the new ones, even if what he’s saying is correct.

Meanwhile, I think I may have underestimated mascara boy Stuart. I like that he confessed in the diary room that he should have defended Kat when all the others got vicious with her for crying – especially as no one other than Rachel has said that so far. I also like the fact that he sees his position in the house quite accurately as the bloke you wouldn’t ring up to go out for a drink with, but if you saw him out you would say hello.

I love Darnell, Rex, Kat and Mo noticing Mario and Lisa are like gangsters and Mikey and Luke are their puppets. It’s so true. They’re hardly The Sopranos, but they do plant things in Mikey’s head so he’ll say them and no one will say anything back to him.

I agree with Darnell when it comes to Mikey. I don’t really like him very much, but it seems uncharitable to be mean to the blind guy. However, that doesn’t make any sense –I don’t dislike him because he’s blind it’s his personality sometimes and that has nothing to do with his disability. Mario on the other hand is still just a cock.