There's tears before bedtime for Josie and Chantelle and Makosi sheds some crocodile ones too...

Aww. Poor Josie. I don’t see how people may doubt that she’s genuine after tonight. Poor girl, she’s suddenly surround by a room full of complete mentalists and is missing her family and John James after getting a brief glimpse of them when she was crowned the winner. That would be bad enough, but now she has to sit there growing understandably paranoid while Nadia and John slate the relationship. I’m not sure why they think they know more about it than she does and that their opinion is somehow of some worth. Say they are right, apart from upsetting Josie what purpose does saying it actually serve? Yeah, that’s right tell her he’s an idiot and he doesn’t love her. Nice. Way to make a person feel good. I think I may have been removed from the house by force by now if I was her. Either that or I’d be a sobbing mess.

Against my better judgment I felt bad for Chantelle tonight too. Unless she’s a good actress [which I doubt] she basically still loves Preston. I can’t decide if he’s a bit thick or really calculated. Maybe circumstances did push them apart? Either way it’s quite sad to watch.

Makosi is the queen of the fake tears. We all know you didn’t shag Anthony despite you’re ridiculous knowing smiles when someone asks you about it, then turn on the waterworks saying you don’t just want to be known for that. I’m also scared I may have to watch her and Coolio rutting in the bathroom. An image I can happily live without.

Nikki is beautifully barking as always [although I could have identified those housemates with my hands tied behind my back too, such is my dedication to the cause]. Ulrika has proved surprisingly likable so far and so has Brian Dowling. Although that wasn’t really a surprise. Nasty Nick has also proved quite nice too. Nice Nick. It’s a bit rubbish isn’t it?

Special mention goes to the Tree Of Temptation tonight for managing to get the phrase ‘smoothing over’ in while insulting John McCririck. Nice one.