Amy leaves and the housemates get over it with a drunken party. Hooray! However, me and Kara Louise need to have some serious words...

Oh well, see you Amy. I think the fact that once she leaves the housemates go on to have the best party they’ve had so far, kind of sums it up. I’m sure they were crying on the inside, Amy.

However, this is also the woman that on her eviction night got changed into her outfit in the middle of the lounge when she knew the cameras would be on her. You’ve got to hand it to her – she knows where her money lies.

Anyway back to the party. Any BB drinks that end with a mass bundle on one of the beds is a winner for me.

The twins drunk and giggly was sweet. Tracey not so much, but at least she’s entertaining [unlike drunk Kara Louise who was just irritating]. I loved her screaming: “Get off my bottom!” Followed by Ziggy shouting: “Tracey you’re violating me!” before warning her that: “Friends don’t rub up against each other and then go to sleep!”.

Me and Kara Louise need to have words too. Not only does she need to stop encouraging Jonty with the slapping [she will regret it, mark my words], but she should have got a serious warning for talking to Brian about what was going on in reality.

She may have thought she was cheering him up by telling him that he was a favourite with viewers, but she actually sent him into turmoil. Also, it spoils the whole idea of having no contact with the outside world. Silly girl.

In brighter Brian news not only did Amanda make his day when she said she didn’t regret the kiss, he also told her he was trying to protect her honour by telling BB what really went on – what a guy!

He also made me laugh myself silly with his amazing and downright strange alternatives for the word ‘female’. Genius. However, he’s got some competition from Liam at the moment who keeps coming out with some great one-liners. What’s going on? I actually seem to like most of the housemates. I really need to get out more.