Chanelle has definitely left this time, sadly Shanessa hasn't and she seems to have problems keeping her clothes on.

Chanelle has finally left the building. Honest. No really this time she’s gone. Promise. Oh hang on she’s back. No she’s gone again. Big Brother will you lock that bloody door?

I really think it’s a shame that she decided so soon after seeing off Charley. She may have been a little bit on the mental side, but I don’t think you can blame her when Ziggy was messing with her head on a daily basis. ‘I care for you,’ one day ‘you’re a psychopath’ the next. Anyone would have paranoia when they’re being messed around as by the most patronising man in the world.

OK, so Chanelle is definitely not blameless and the five-year-old tantrums were very wearing, but I’m still Team Chanelle. Problem was she became the boy who cried wolf and in the end she had to pack her bags to be taken seriously. Chanelle you may be gone, but like Lesley to me, you will never be forgotten!

On a brighter note I loved the following conversation between Brian and Amanda
Brian: ‘Did you like Shanessa’s dress?’
Amanda: ‘Yes.’
Brian: ‘Would you wear it?’
Amanda: ‘No!’

Shanessa, the woman who plays the dominatrix probably because you would only want to touch her if there was a protective layer of rubber between you.