My least favourite three up are up for the boot, but who will survive?

Yet again the housemates have come trumps for me on nomination day. Jonty, Kara Louise and Tracy are all up for the chop and two of them will go. Thank goodness for that.

I have a feeing Tracey will survive. Like a cockroach. To be honest none of them upset me that much. I could do without Jonty’s farting, Kara Louise’s giggling and Tracey’s moaning, but at least they’re not detestable. On the same note I won’t be sad to see the back of them either, so it’s not all bad.

By the way, how on earth has Amanda managed to break 12 microphones?

I enjoyed Big Brother asking her: ‘When you wake up in the morning do you plan inventive ways to damage your microphone or do you make them up as you go along?’ It was a bit like being told off by my mum.

The punishment truly fits the crime, especially when it meant Amanda flicked herself in the face with toothpaste because she was trying to use the loud hailer to tell Big Brother that she didn’t like him.

There was a bit of inverse snobbery going on in the house when they were discussing posh people. Although I’m sure they didn’t mean it and we’re talking generally, if I was Kara Louise I would have felt a bit victimised. If she had said the opposite about Tracey there would have been an uprising.

That however does not forgive her for plucking her armpits. She could have at least done it under the covers al la Tim shaving his chest in series four. Comprendez?

Finally Ziggy may rather die than go through the bin for fag butts, but like Liam and Tracey, I would have been there side by side scrounging the baccy. I have no shame, one of the reasons I left a Kanye West gig last night was because I needed a fag. I know it’s sad isn’t it? Sorry.

PS: Note to Ziggy. Stop bitching, you’re worse than the girls!