Sadness as Gerry leaves and Kara Louise stays [are you all insane?] and I'm even more upset as Amanda and Brian agree to be just be friends...

Au revoir Gerry, it was nice knowing you. I liked our Greek housemate, he might have been a bit superior at times, but he was very noble at the end [even if he was pre-empting it], but most importantly he was genuine.

However, that doesn’t make up for the fact that he’s gone and Kara Louise is still there. For the love of god, what is wrong with you people?

OK, I’ll forgive you this once, but don’t make the same mistake next week. Do you remember the puppy that was going to die if Charley didn’t get evicted? Well it’s still not out of the woods yet.

Ziggy hit the nail on the head when he pointed out she looked on the others like she was in a zoo looking at the animals. She may have a point, but it doesn’t stop her being patronising.

I hope Carole does throw herself into things this week and not moan about food and cleaning constantly. I like Carole, but it’s even getting a bit much for me. We need kung fu Carole back or her time is well and truly up.

I loved Brian, Ziggy and Liam’s blokey banter bonding moment outside the caravan the other day. It was nice to hear them having a proper laugh in the house and the sort of conversation my friends have. Even Ziggy was funny. Wonders will never cease.

Meanwhile, Tracey needs to grow a sense of humour after her miserable mug during Munkitty Tunkitty and Freddie’s travels. Come on, stuffed animals going on holiday is funny and I don’t care what anyone else says.

The saddest news I have to report though is that Amanda and Brian are going to just be friends.

It’s so sad Amanda doesn’t love Brian. Well, she does, just not like that. Shame. I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I think they’ve made the right decision. It doesn’t stop me wanting to give Brian a hug though.

Dating Amanda wouldn’t be easy though, although I kind of understand her and Sam’s opinion that Liam’s idea of taking a girl crab fishing on date is a bit on the rubbish side.

I liked her argument about why she likes to go to bars on first dates with boys. ‘If you don’t fancy them and you’re at the zoo what do you do? Jump in the tigers and kill yourself? If you’re in a bar you can get someone to come and pick you up!’ You can’t deny her logic. Kind of.

Brian though has won me round even more [as if that was possible] by knowing the exact date Neighbours was first screened in the UK. I used to work for a soap magazine and I don’t even know that! I’m aware that most people wouldn’t agree, but I’m currently in awe of his superior soap knowledge and sadly I don’t get to say that very often. I know. Yet again I need to get out more.