Brian and Carole clash over the shopping list - again - and the housemates struggle to make BB laugh

I swear Brian would have them all get scurvy if he had his way. However, I think Carole and Brian are probably both as selfish as each other when it comes to the shopping list.

I’m off on holiday to Wales next week with about 12 friends and I’m now praying that we don’t end up falling out in an extreme carrots versus pizza argument.

Making Big Brother laugh to get cigarettes is an inspired idea, except it seems BB has the sense of humour of Anne Widdecombe. How can He not laugh at Brian’s jokes [except the Girls Aloud one, that was rubbish] and laugh at Liam’s when it’s a joke I personally have heard about ten times before?

The biggest mystery is what Tracey said to make them laugh unless they got her drunk and let her lose on Ziggy. However, she seemed pretty sober to me.

I have changed my mind though, think Tracey’s time is up. Well the bookies say it is so I have to put my trust in the people who are willing to part with their cash.