Luke and Bex's love hits the buffers and the housemates vote for their head of house...

We’ve all done it. Got a bit drunk and snogged someone totally inappropriate. However, luckily for us, we’ve never done it on national TV, somewhere where you can’t run away and hide and certainly not with Luke.

Bex obviously regretted her indiscretion straight away. Sadly for her, Luke is clearly smitten. He started off by blabbing to pretty much anyone who would listen. He then goes on about not liking her, but brings it up at every opportunity. I do believe the lady doth protest too much, especially because he keeps trying to get her to admit that she fancies him and couldn’t get much closer to her in bed if he tried.

Talking about drunken embarrassments, they didn’t actually show the full glory on the highlights show, but Sara was so drunk the other night she was pretty much passing out, not to mention puking red wine on the rug. It was most definitely not a good look.

I’m quite sad that Mo and Rex are drifting apart. I do think Mohamed should talk to Rex rather than getting upset, but Rex has been a bit of an arse for the last few days. My particular low moment was when he bragged that if he’s out and his mobile phone runs out of battery he just throws it away and gets another one.

I’m also confused as to why the housemates think that because Bex was saved and Mario [who really didn’t get the David Brent connection, which I think says it all] was evicted, that means that she’s really well liked. Can’t they ever just think maybe the other one was hated more? Also, they always mishear what the crowd is shouting, which is highly infuriating.

I like the whole head of house task so far, although it could be a poisoned chalice. My vote would be with Darnell, although Dale would actually at the moment be a close second.

Luke thinks the housemates underestimate him. I think he’s just a sly little git. I especially loved it when Darnell was saying Luke gave a good speech and Kat said: ‘you could train a monkey to do that.’ I couldn’t have put it better myself.