Mario and Rebecca are up for the chop this week and I know who I want to go...

Ladies and gentlemen the house has spoken and this time it appears they have made the right choice.

Now while I’d quite like to see the back of Rebecca, the vote this week clearly has to go with Mario [09016 161609, pop it in your phone now].

Not only has he been cruel to Kat for no reason and his health and safety directives drive me around the bend, but he’s even started being nasty to Lisa. Now I don’t have much sympathy for her as she did decide to date him in the first place, but the man is simply a control freak.

Mario is also so insincere he makes my skin crawl. So, that number again: 09016 161609. Lets just hope his fan club don’t turn out in their thousands to vote for him. Snigger.

In other news, I’m starting to see what they mean about Rex going on about his restaurants, but I still like him. Kat shocked me with her rather enthusiastic snog with Sara in the pool, while the Aussie’s lack of volume control and flirting with all the boys is beginning to wear a little thin.

Dale is getting a little bit better, whereas Stuart’s paranoia is now raging out of control. Seriously mate, we don’t hate you because you’re just not interesting enough.

Finally, while I feel sorry for Belinda as she can’t help it if she snores, the singing has to stop. The bad jazz / cabaret / dying cat style singing from hell must cease immediately. Simon Cowell would never allow it on his watch.