Maysoon decides to leave the house for good...

Maysoon has left the building. One important question – will anyone actually notice? I don’t like it when someone quits especially when it appears to be for no good reason. She wasn’t adding much, so it’s hardly a great loss and at least we still have an eviction on Friday so we haven’t wasted it on her.  

See this is what happens when BB gives them a taste of being able to talk about nominations – they think they can just discuss them willy nilly. Give them an inch…

Big Brother must have done it on purpose. They knew it would egg them on to talk amongst themselves. The code they made up was pretty rubbish and even though Luke, Stuart and Dale weren’t using that code they were pretty damn obvious.
I think I would have guessed that suspect number six for Rex’s girlfriend too, but I would have got Mohamed’s brother right. Don’t you think if his brother was white he might have mentioned it?

I don’t think six was prettier than Rex’s actual girlfriend [suspect mumber three]. In fact, unlike Lisa, I would say you would see far more sixes than you would three’s out there. Damn, it sounds like I’m talking in code now.

I quite like Dale’s secret task, although I didn’t think it was that hard. Also I don’t want people to like Dale for completing it. He is still an arse.

Other random thoughts from Wednesday night’s show include the fact that I am loving the taches the heavenly housemates have to wear as cops. However, I didn’t need to know that Mikey hadn’t done a ‘jobby’ in two days. Too. Much. Information.