Mikey, Luke and Rex compete for the title of biggest whinger in the house...

Belinda has left the building and I don’t think it’s much of a loss. Her interview with Davina worried me a little,especially the fact she discussed her labia on national TV. Something I feel we could all have done without.

I am a little bit bored though of Rex moaning that he’s still there. I don’t think he wants to leave at all, I think it’s just his way of coping in case he is kicked out because it means he can always claim that he didn’t really want to be there in the first place.

I think it would be a loss though if he did leave, because as Rachel says, he does get reactions out of people.

At the moment though the two housemates who are annoying me the most are Mikey and Luke. Mikey’s shouting in the diary room is just irritating and he’s not exactly coming off as the nicest or fairest of people. He even said he didn’t like Rachel tonight when all she has done is be nice to him.

Mikey also says that the head of house is in a no win situation, then blames Darnell for running it badly when I think he’s probably done as good a job as any of the others would have done. Come on, we all know whoever won would have picked all of their friends, because even if you didn’t you’d be accused of game playing, so you may as well go for the people that you like the most.

I’m sick of the hellish housemates bitching about the heavenly ones. They get in their little circle and make stuff up about the housemates, which even though they seem to know aren’t based in fact they all end up agreeing. I can understand how they may be unsure about Kat and they don’t have to like her, but to say she is snide just doesn’t make any sense. It mainly annoys me though because it’s just getting boring. It’s the same whinge every single day. It’s predictable.

I do feel BB needs to give the show a bit a kick up the arse at the moment though. While nice enough, there are people like Maysoon in the house who may as well not be there for all they contribute. Damn it, she makes Rachel and Stuart seem exciting, which can never be a good thing, surely?