The housemates talk tactics, Luke irritates me and Rex gets my vote...

Rex is currently my favourite housemate. He’s arrogant, argumentative and a bit of an arse. However, he’s up front about it, tells people to their faces, is willing to have his opinion swayed and, most importantly, he’s funny about it.

I don’t always agree with his opinion, but at least he has one and he’s not vicious or bitchy like some of the others.

It was a great twist giving the heavenly housemates the nomination pod to talk about the others in. Darnell was right though that they would never actually agree on anything. It did weird me out a little bit with them being allowed to talk about each other so candidly, but I kind of liked it as well.

Maybe tactical voting is the way forward. I imagine, as Mikey put it, that it was very therapeutic being able to say things honestly to one another.

I also love that they got to see the audition VTs, especially Dale’s. Not only did the other housemates get to discover his claims that he would stab them all in the back fro the £100,000 and that he wanted to ‘nail fanny’, but reminded the views of what a prize tosser he is too.

I do, however, feel sorry for Rachel. I don’t think she was that different to her VT. It’s not like she was saying she would shag everyone and have arguments. She was only a bit louder.

I think it’s right that she doesn’t get a chance to be confident in the house. I think she’s just more subdued than outside. You try shouting over the rest of them, especially after Alex shouted her down in week one. I did like Rex’s comment though that he would: ‘swap her for scrabble’. Harsh, but kind of fair.    

I’m so bored of Luke moaning on and on about Bex going and blaming everyone other than Bex for her departure. She may have been entertainment, but there was needless nastiness from her too, which made her a really unpalatable character.  He’s just a miserable old man. Yes, Bex will be there when he comes out, but just to cash in and not for the deep meaningful relationship he’s obviously secretly hoping for.

His obsession that Rebecca only got 35% of the vote is thoroughly irritating too. 65% Luke, 65%!!!! When he then started claiming that they must have been edited badly I could have killed him. We just didn’t like her, OK?

Meanwhile, now Lisa has some more of her allies in Hell with her she’s getting a bit cockier and is being plain nasty some of the time to Kat. I’d almost forgotten that she went out with Mario, but her behaviour now is reaffirming that they are actually a match made in hell.

Finally, I think Mikey maybe coming back from the dark side. He’ll never be my favourite housemate, but I hope he’s seeing things clearer now about some of his friends. He also rocked at the chilli challenge [my favourite so far] and for that I salute him.