Jennifer stirs up trouble in the house...

What is it with some of the housemates this year, that they don’t think they’ve fulfilled their role in life if they haven’t told everyone exactly what they think of them at all times?

I think I may actually hate Jennifer after her behaviour this weekend. She kicked it off by shouting: ‘Let’s hope justice is served and Mohamed goes!’ like an evil witch after BB announced that Dennis had been removed.

Now the black widow has decided that just because Kat and Rachel don’t bitch mercilessly about the other housemates it means they have a dark side. Kat a dark side? That’s just madness!

Don’t get me wrong, it drives me as mad as the next person when someone is annoyingly nice all the time and refuses to have an opinion on absolutely anything just in case it might cause an argument. However, some people are just nice.

More than that some people just have a higher t**t tolerance than others. Me, I’m quite good for a few hours, but would break after a couple of days in the company of some of the more annoying housemates. Meanwhile, others could probably go weeks.

Believe me, I interview celebrities for a living so quite often have to be nice to someone I don’t like very much. After all, it might ruin an interview if I declared, to say Peaches Geldof, in the first five minutes that I thought she was a vacuous, talentless egocentric cow. Just a thought. There are other people who would just rather not have a row over a trivial matter. Crazy thought, I know.

Jennifer’s double standards are breathtaking. It’s OK for Dale and Stuart to get upset or aggressive, but no other man in the house? She’s just a stirrer, as is Luke who changes his opinion depending on who he’s sat with.

I’m hoping Bex is just easily led. I don’t blame Bex for having a go at Rex – he had been a bit of bastard to her, but there wasn’t any need for the explosion she had at him.

Dale is just Jen’s lapdog and a very stupid one at that. I must say I loved BB pointing out to him that after Rex apologised during the fight he then told him to go and apologise again and when he did told him he shouldn’t be apologising because his apology couldn’t possibly make any difference.

He also suggested that Mohamed is quick to play the bully. No Dale, Mohamed is bullied by you lot and it worries me you that you genuinely don’t see that. Stuart seems to be realising after the argument that maybe he should not get involved quite as much.

Meanwhile, Darnell doesn’t always express himself in the best of ways, but he is spot on about everyone’s behaviour. For example when he said to Jen: ‘The only filthy vile tings I have seen people are doing are the ones done by people in your group.’ Damn right.

He probably shouldn’t have told Kat that Bex said she shouldn’t win the show, but if you’re playing the game by Jen and Bex’s rules then that’s exactly what he should have done.

BB, we need some cookie love and fast.