Mario and Lisa are on rocky ground after Mario takes his nomination badly...

Mario isn’t taking being up for nomination very well now is he? First he turns on Lisa, because clearly she is liked better in the house and he can’t handle it.

Most shocking was when he basically said saying she is nothing without him. Nice. [That number again: 09016 161609 ]

Next he turns his pent up rage on Belinda. Now Belinda is highly irritating to say the least, but he’s just being down right mean to her at the moment. She does need to lay off the ‘giving a voice to the voiceless’ especially when it comes to Mikey, as he clearly doesn’t need her help and it is rather patronising. However, I don’t see why he has a go at her for trying to teach him how to do the drums in the exact same way Mario was five minutes beforehand.

Rebecca isn’t taking the news too well either and by thinking she’s more interesting and has more right to stay than half of the other housemates, shows a level of arrogance usually reserved only for Mario. This is a man after all who thinks a conversation about elastic bands – including the danger they can cause in a health and safety situation – is interesting. Seriously elastic bands?  

Luke is an arrogant little idiot too. It is more fun in B Block whether he likes it or not. Luke is just gutted that it’s the group he’s in which is being picked off first. If they had more numbers they would waste no time in taking the others out too. It’s survival of the fittest Luke and it’s looking like you might have to work out a bit more, mate.