John James kicks off with Sam Pepper and Jo gets evicted...

Yay! Josie’s definitely in the Big Brother final. She would have been in it anyway, but it’s nice to know that it’s now guaranteed. There’s been rumours that she’s an actress, I just think she’s quite nice I would have been surprised if the housemates had picked anyone else, but you never know these days.

After a few days away my opinions of a few of the housemates have completely changed. For example I no longer hate Sam Pepper and John James is irritating the hell out of me. Who’d have thunk it?

Now while I get that Sam Pepper is an annoying little runt of a housemate and some of the things he has said are nasty, John James aggression is quite something else.

It all began because Josie and John James fell out because he’s paranoid as hell. I can’t decide if he is deliberately stringing Josie along. I like to think he doesn’t mean to, but the amount he over thinks the game you do have to wonder.

After being called in to the diary room after kicking off at Sam he said: ‘He can use everyone else but he can’t use me.’ OK. You’re happy to let Sam slag off Josie, but when it looks like he might be making you look bad then it’s a problem? Yeah, Sam probably is using Josie a bit, but the same could be leveled at John James. Everyone is using everyone else in there. It’s Big Brother. I do think Sam was genuinely upset rather than putting it on. If you’d just had 25 solid minutes of people slagging you off, of course it’s going to upset you. John James just wanted a row.

Meanwhile, I like Sam Pepper’s needling little brother ways now. He’s always in there trying to get info. I think the house needs it. If he were to win I’d be furious, but I’ve grown to like having him in there and anyone who gets the seal of approval from the Tree gets mine too. He can’t handle four cups of coffee, he plays up to the cameras , but damn it, it’s Big Brother surely that’s what it’s all about? I’m going to regret saying that aren’t I?

So, Jo got kicked out tonight and I think it was the right decision. She wasn’t a cougar and she just cried although having said that I would have been happy for JJ to go too. Apart from being damn sneaky when doing tasks for the Tree he’s just John James‘ other half. I need more.

I’m also loving all the suspicion over Corin being fake as I’m inclined to think that too. Again, maybe I’m wrong and I’m sure she’s a nice enough person, but when ‘flirting’ with JJ has everyone forgotten she has a girlfriend at home?

And finally, can Andrew have some more screen time [although less confessions about pleasuring himself with melons would be nice] and can someone remove Steve from the house. No one would notice.