Sam Pepper and John James make enemies while Rachel gets evicted...

It’s been a very confusing week on Big Brother. First of all John James became a bit of a cock by reverting to the aggressive moody sod we met in week one. I’d been won over by the cuteness of his relationship with Josie, but there can be no denying that he wasn’t exactly pleasant this week as he picked fights with anyone who sat still for longer than five seconds. The hissy fit he threw about the Miss Haversham task was ridiculous. Rachel was irritating, but surely she’s not that bad? Snap out of it. If it has all been a great big game plan I will hunt him down and kick him in the billabongs.

Sam Pepper has also had me confused. While I believe he’s a great housemate and often says the things we’re all thinking at home, he also an irritating little kid who, like John James, is just nasty on occasion for the sake of it. I get Josie gives as good as she gets, but some of the things Sam has said to her – particularly when he told her that it should be against the law for her wear a bikini – are just vile. John James should have stuck up for her too though and perhaps not laughed when he said it originally.

Some people are saying Sam does it because he fancies her. I think he’s just one of those people that if you bite when he first takes the piss out of you he will relentlessly try and make you break from then on. Not nice. I’d rather eat a bag of nails than live with him, but at least he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of him.

While I agree that BB was right to ban certain housemates from nominating him for the fact they were openly saying they would, I also think it’s perhaps BB working out a way to keep him in for longer to piss everyone off.

Corin had been growing on me recently and had some quite funny moments, but seriously was it me or did she give JJ a ‘happy finish’ in bed? Maybe she was just rubbing his stomach, but it looked suspicious to me. It would have been understandable if there had been any kind of lead up or romance, but if that is what she deems a cuddle I’m shocked!

In other news I’m growing bored of Mario, JJ and Steve. Jo seems to talk sense and I like the fact she doesn’t hold back and was upfront with John James that he held all the cards in the relationship. Still not fussed by her. I love Josie still, but she’s starting to be dragged down a little by John James. I do however still like Andrew. Go the geek!

Oh yeah and Rachel got evicted. Bye.

PS: How did Mario make Davina appear. I’m concerned that BB has tricked me with magic. Derren Brown I would allow, Mario not so much.