It's highs and lows as Mario is shown the door and Bex and Luke get it on....

Hurrah, Mario is gone. I am a little worried about the housemates health and safety now, but I’m sure they’ll muddle through somehow.

It was nice to see the smug smile wiped off his mahogany face as the crowd booed him. He was so certain he wasn’t going to go, I just hope the house don’t think it’s because Bex is insanely popular.

I think Lisa will be fine without him, although I found her deliberately expressionless face rather scary. She looked like a freshly botoxed Dannii Minogue. Ian’t it odd how they’re the ones talking about other people putting on fronts, but they were two if the best at doing it in the house?

I couldn’t believe Mario going on about naming and shaming everyone and declaring he would tell them exactly what he thought about them before he left. So dignified in defeat, Mario. Only beaten by the fact that he then didn’t have the self-confessed backbone to carry it out.

I don’t get why they all seem to think that Rachel is evil. Bland maybe, but she’s not exactly Myra Hindley. I don’t get why both Rebecca and Mario thought they had more right to be there more than Rachel or any of the other contestants. We’ll be the judges of that, thank you very much.

Maybe now Mario’s gone, under Rachel’s care Mikey will stop being such an arse. The other day when he claimed that Rex said he drank three bottles of vodka a day, was just insane. If you’re going to make something up to join in a conversation he could at least make it believable [although I’m starting to see what they mean about Rex’s bragging].

Meanwhile, Rebecca claimed that since she’s been in the house she’s not a loud as she usually is and that she has calmed down. Dear God, I’d hate to meet her outside the house if that is her mellow. The idea of bumping into her in a club on after an Aftershock binge is like my own personal Room 101.

On that subject, while some are happy about the Luke and Rebecca snog, am I alone in it making me feel really uncomfortable? I have to admit that their best moments come when they’re together and they do occasionally make me laugh, but you do have to wonder why the kiss came the night before Rebecca was up for eviction?

Still at least it didn’t make me feel as billious as when Mario and Lisa locked lips. At least it was in the dark and under the covers, where I hope it will say. My stomach can’t take it.