Saffia and Sophia exit the house...

Sophia has left the building and Saffia has slinked out the back door, but they were still bickering until the bitter end. I’m not sad to see the back of either of them though and apart from a few rows, which I’m sure the others can make up for, it’s not like the show will lose anything with them gone.

To begin with Saffia’s reason for leaving was just a load of old tripe. She knew when she applied for the show and went through numerous auditions that she would possibly be away from her kids for 13 weeks and she happily agreed to it. Just because things got tough in the house when she realised that Kris didn’t fancy her and that Sophia was always going to have it in for her, she just couldn’t hack it any more and decided to quit. Shame. I just wish she had decided a week earlier so Benazir could have had her place instead.

Having said all of this, it doesn’t mean that I think Sophia was right. All she managed to prove was that she was overly aggressive, judgmental and not all that bright. She really did think the public would save her – sadly she went from hero to zero in record time, even for Big Brother

Also on Big Brother’s Big Mouth afterwards Sophia could have also done with toning down the Jerry Springer style gestures.

I have to say I actually prefer the eviction interview format now. I’ve never been a big fan of Davina’s interview technique and I like the fact that with more voices, they get a little bit more out of the evictee not to mention having a behavioural expert makes it more difficult for them to wiggle out of anything.

In other house news I am rapidly going off Sree . He claim to be holier than thou, then apparently brings condoms into the house. He also gets upset at the drop of a hat and needs people to tell him how wonderful he is. While Ciaron’s reaction to him was over the top to say the least, I have to say Sree provoked him.

Freddie has been irritating me too. Having said that though the prank to steal his bed after he complained about the other housemates keeping him up by chatting was just plain nasty and it’s only Angel we have to really thank for making them put it back.  Having said that one of the most disturbing sights so far was Angel giving Charlie a sexy back rub.  Ewwww.