Biggins does good and Kelly Brook gets taught lesson...

‘Do they react to screams?’ asked Christopher Biggins as he prepared to enter my worst nightmare – a perspex tank filled with various types of spiders.

I have a newfound respect for the Biggins after that. I wouldn’t have even gone near it. Sod it,I’d rather starve. I couldn’t even look at the screen, yet Biggins got all seven stars. What a guy.

I could have done without seeing him relaxing in his pants and a bra though.

I could also have done without watching Rodney massage a goat too. At least it wasn’t a repeat of Rebecca Loos and that poor pig, but close enough.

I also wish they’d all stop picking on Janice the moment her back is turned. Yeah, I’m sure she irritating to live with, but I’d rather spend time with her than Anna. Ooh, she grates on me.

In other reality TV news I was gutted that Hope stayed and Beverley went in The X Factor. Especially because I now have to interview all five of them on Friday, which make my life much tougher. I may be selfish, but Beverley was better too.

Over in Strictly, Kelly Brook also got a lucky escape. Kelly was getting a bit cocky and didn’t put enough practice time in for her dance and ended up in the bottom two. Serves her right. Meanwhile, Alesha and Matt danced their socks off again and got 10s. Go Alesha!