The Spice Girls takeover continues, but this time it's bearable...

Every time I turn on my TV these I seem to see the Spice Girls trying to act [although luckily enough not when I turn on my radio].

However, the one time I will forgive one of the five of them clogging up my TV channels was Posh’s performance on Ugly Betty on Friday night.

Victoria’s acting talent may only have been as good as her singing, but they played up to her image beautifully. I still don’t get her obsession with the word ‘major’ though.

But hey, at least she got more lines than Geri did during her brief appearance on Sex And The City. I bet that’s brought up during tour rehearsals!

In other Ugly Betty news am I the only person getting a big bored of Betty and Henry’s relationship?

Also, I was genuinely surprised to see Bradford Meade having a heart attack at the altar. Still wasn’t a patch on Jim Robinson’s fatal heart attack in Neighbours though. Now that’s acting.