Barbara Windsor's mentioned she's 'tempted' to return to Albert Square as Peggy Mitchell. OMG!

Barbara Windsor was on ITV’s This Morning yesterday – and she dropped a bombshell.

A really awesome bombshell.

Apparently she’s been tempted – multiple times – to return to EastEnders as iconic landlady Peggy ‘gerrrrouttaaamypuuuub!’ Mitchell.

‘They’ve asked me a couple of times, but I think about it and I don’t sleep,’ she said on This Morning. ‘I am tempted, [and] that’s the point!’

‘But [my husband] says you have to really think about it, because towards the end I was so exhausted and not sleeping at night and waking up looking at the script – it became too much a part of my life.’

Oh, Babs. This news really lit up my life. Well, not the workaholic stressy part (we don’t want an insomniac Barbara).

It sounds like Barbara has the hard work gene instilled into her, and at 75, that’s something to err on the side of caution about – a bit.

But I reckon Peggy could be brought back – maybe intermittently. I’d love to see Pegs swan in and cause chaos, before exiting dramatically.

Then Barbara could rest up, and return for Christmas, maybe!?

Lord knows, on-screen-son Phil Mitchell needs a bit of disciplining!

Go on Babs, do it. You’re a national treasure, and the Square isn’t the same without you!

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