Singers Andrew Muir and Faryl Smith hit the right notes in the latest Britain's Got Talent semi final...

Sadly it’s back to boring again on Britain’s Got Talent. I knew it had to be a blip last night.

Piers kicked off the show by describing James Stone as: ‘A little cheesy’ A little cheesy? He’s full on gorgonzola. Nice bloke though, just not Royal Variety performance material.

Visage were rubbish and I actually agreed with Piers Morgan that they
were arrogant to think that she should still sing when she clearly

I know he’s a kid so I’m supposed to be nice, but Charlie Wernham’s act just didn’t work for me. His delivery was good and his patter with the audience worked, but the jokes were absolutely rubbish. Having said that, I suspect Shane Richie and Joe Pasquale are shaking in their boots.

I’m now officially sick to the back teeth of kids dance troups, so that was both of those out for me. Sorry, but if Flava can’t get through then I don’t see why they should.

While he was good with a football, Jeremy Lynch’s act just wasn’t good enough. A least he realised that and seemed like a thouroughly nice chap.

I think the right decision was made for the two singers, Andrew Muir and Faryl Smith, to go through to the final. Both are very talented. However, I do have a problem with singers on BGT, when they have The X Factor to audition for.

I understand Faryl going for BGT what with opera singers not usually troubling the charts, but Andrew should really be in Simon’s other competition. Although somehow I have a feeling Simon’s already whispered that in his ear…

Faryl Smith sings for her supper…