Britain's Got Talent, although from the first semi final I'm still not convinced...

It’s semi final time on Britain’s Got Talent and it’s not getting any better.

The only half descent acts on Monday night’s show were Kate and Gin the Dog, Signature and the belly dancing girl Sophie Mei.

However, I did feel sorry for Kate when her own mum said she didn’t have any human friends, just Gin. It’s hardly the best ego boost now is it?

I still don’t understand how theatre wannabe Dean Wilson got as far as he did when although he could hold a tune, he was a charisma free zone and wouldn’t have got past the first round of any Andrew Lloyd Webber talent show.

Meanwhile it was painful to watch Star Wars man Michael Machell murder the classic theme tune. Why Piers and Amanda insisted on putting someone so deluded through purely for his humiliation is beyond me. It wasn’t good TV, it was horrible as the rent-a-mob audience went all Jeremy Kyle on him and started booing.

The dance troupe Boogie Wonderland were OK, but nothing special and while I liked the drag act and Tracy Lee Collins seemed like a nice person, I’ve seen much better. I think the right two acts went through.

I may not be enjoying the second series so much, but thanks to the new comment function on these blogs it has given my boyfriend some pleasure. After a comment on my last Britain’s Got Talent blog my other half has taken to saying to me whenever my vitriol at the screen gets too much: ‘Yeah, but you ain’t got no talent either and you’re not pretty so there.’ Brilliant.

Please do keep commenting though, even if only to keep my boyfriend amused. Although, as Christina Aguilera once said: ‘I am beautiful in every single way, yes words can’t get me down.’ So there.

Watch Signature here…

Oh go on, here’s Gin and Kate too…