The girls on Britain's Next Top Model get new looks, but not better personalities...

Makeover day on Britain’s Next Top Model! Hoorah! But, only a couple of them cry. Boo!!

However, thanks to Alex we did get one girl throwing a temper tantrum like a five-year-old, which made up for the lack of general makeover trauma.

Really producers, you should have tried harder. In the US version they usually make at least one go bald and another go through an insanely painful weave, you’re just not keeping the side up.

While the tears may not have been flowing, we did get this classic line from one of the girls: ‘My hair is a centre piece.’ I know darling, mine is too.

The bitching, is, however, at the same level as their American counterparts. Although, several of the group have the sense of humour of a group of pre-schoolers. Seriously, covering yourself in food and rolling around the kitchen floor when stone cold sober. Hilarious. Not even Kate Moss off her face would do that. I imagine. OK she probably woudl, but that’s not the point a little more decorum please ladies.

Oh and Gerry DeVaux is rubbish, although I quite like Huggy for her bitchy one liners. After describing one girl as looking like: ‘a bat with gas’ I think she may even be giving Janice Dickinson a run for her money.