The Tree Of Temptation returns to wind up Dane Bowers...


It was the Dane Bowers show on Big Brother tonight and do you know what, I didn’t mind it. Not only is he coming across as a normal and nice bloke [when not slagging people off], but he’s actually quite funny too.

To be fair the Tree Of Temptation is giving him a lot to work with. The tree telling Dane that he had let this special key slip through his fingers ‘just like his career’ was inspired. The tree then went on to tell him to use the chillis it had given him to make the dinner ‘So hot that everyone’s ring stings tomorrow morning. Man up Dane. It’ll get you on the telly’. It also told him to piss off which was great too. I love that tree.

Stephen Baldwin gets more irritating and creepy as time goes on – even before he found out he was up for eviction. Today he claimed that white sugar was worse for you than smoking. He even went as far to call it ‘death in a white bowl’. Now I could be wrong, but I don’t think it is.

Stephen now seems on a mission [when not saying he feels like Jesus because BB put some honey on some chairs] to get himself out of that house. In some ways it would be a shame to lose him. In another way he’s still a dick.

Meanwhile, Ivana is what she is and Sisqo is using nomination as excuse to get interesting. Lets hope he’s up for nomination every time then.

While I am a fan of Vinnie, I find Sisqo’s anti Vinnie pledge quite amusing. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Finally, I do love it when Big Brother gets evil. No hot water, turning the temperature up, swapping the sugar for salt and getting rid of all their comfy chairs and bedding. After all you can’t beat a celebrity suffering now can you?

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