The Big Brother housemates lose the plot...

It had to happen sooner or later and finally it seems the housemates are beginning to crack. OK, so a few of them were a bit cracked before they actually went in there, but Big Brother is succeeding in finally sending them over the edge. Hooray.

Who would have thought treating them like OAPs would be the way to do it? To be fair to the housemate though they have been set up to fail from the start by testing their spelling and maths. Yeah, right.

There was no way with even five of them taking part that they were ever going to beat the current reigning Countdown champion at his own game. While I give Dane his due for getting the seven letter word ‘brisket’ there was no way they’d beat the geek to the conundrum and had quite a few people [myself included] looking up ‘tribades’ on Google.

Quite inspired though of them to feature an entire episode though. Especially as I truly believe Vinnie Jones may hunt down the reigning Countdown champion and forced feed him liquidised corned beef.

Telling them who was nominated didn’t go down well either. I know Sov was obviously upset to have been put up by her fellow housemates, but she did act like a petulant child, throwing away her food and generally having a bit of a strop.

Another housemate behaving like a five-year-old at the moment is Stephen Baldwin who has decided that Nicola T is his evil nemesis since she dared stand up to him over the rule break.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be friends with Nicola and she is still as thick as a brick, but she was right and he was wrong. As Vinnie said, he’s building it all up in his own mind. The fact that he seems to be trying to turn other housemates against her is hardly the behaviour of a grown man either. He is a Darwin denier though, so I suppose we shouldn’t expect rational thought.

I feel a little bit sorry for Sisqo at the moment for being kind of ignored bny the other housemates, while Basshunter looks a little folorn too. Oh well, it’s not like their egos couldn’t do with being shrunk just a little bit.

Alex Reid continues to be an idiot. Apparently he’d love Peter Andre to come in the house so they could set the record staright. Yes and Jordan will still be waiting for you when you’re kicked out Alex.

I also loved the way when Vinnie picked him up on the fact that he complains about his image in the press then runs around the garden naked. Alex then says he regrets it only to change his tiny mind two seconds later and announce ‘I am Alex Reid, Alex fucking Reid and I’m a Joker.’ I that what they call it these days I thought it was still t***?

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