Katia and Basshunter call it quits as she goes up for nomination with Lady Soverign and Heidi...

The romance of the century is over. Katia and Basshunter have split. I know it’s shocking. I could already see the joint exit interview, the engagement feature, the wedding and honeymoon double issue special, the first baby, the bitter divorce…

I had it all planned out in my head as I’m sure you all did too. Damn it, I’d even picked out a hat But no. After two whole days of sharing a bed and kissing, Katia has called time on the relationship. Mainly because she didn’t like Jonas’s jeans. She’s not superficial though.

Basshunter was clearly so devastated that he took the opportunity to pour out his sorrow by running around the garden naked with Alex Reid. That boy really is taking it bad.

Oh well, with Katia, Heidi Fleiss and Lady Sovereign up for eviction this Friday I think it will be Katia biting the dust. Sov hasn’t lived up to the expectations and while I actually don’t mind Heidi laying around in bed for a week wearing a selection of pajamas and Jumpers that even Help The Aged would turn away at the door hasn’t been thrilling either. However, if it hadn’t been for snogging Basshunter, Katia’s contribution to the house would have been nil.

I think Dame Stephanie Beacham put it best when she described Katia as an orchid. This view was not just based on the fact that she’s pretty, but more to do with the fact she is a parasite. Go Stephanie!

First nominations related rule break goes to Heidi and Stephen Baldwin. To be honest I’m surprised it took them so long. I’m also not surprised at Stephen’s reaction. Rather than taking it on the chin that he messed up, he felt the need to try and blame Nicola as well.

Not being the sharpest tool in the box, Nicola wasn’t sure when she had broken the rules. However, when she revealed to Stephen that Big Brother had confirmed the rule break was not hers he still couldn’t’ apologise insisting BB was playing with her mind. Oh Stephen I thought you were all about forgiveness…

PS: More Tree Of Temptation please. So far the tree demanding that Alex ‘kick the shit out of the snowman’ was inspired.

PPS: Can we also have more renditions of Ivana Trump singing to her dog? She is either a crazy, rich lad or a comedy genius. You decide.

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