Flirt, flirt, flirt - I'm sick of you, Danica! Us women have a LOT more to offer than just our bodies

So Danica Thrall has survived another eviction night in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Sigh.

The model intrigued me at first.

Behind the ‘wowsers’ façade (she really, really is gorgeous) she seemed to have some semblance of a brain – showing her canniness for making money during controversial documentary Sex Lies And Rinsing Guys on Channel 4.

Obviously, charging £50 for web chats with isolated old men isn’t exactly on Einstein’s level of thinking.

But Danica‘s ‘rinsing’ business is unusual, and though she’s no Hilary Devey, she does make a fair bit of cash from a niche in the market that she’s cornered.

However I am now completely and utterly bored senseless of watching Danica flirt with the CBB boys.

If she came on the show to challenge the public’s perceptions of her, as she claims, then she’s gone about doing it in a very odd way.

Chained to Prince Lorenzo during the Gods and Mortals shopping task, I threw up a bit in my mouth as Danica put her head under the skirts of Lorenzo‘s ‘mortal’ costume (read: mini dress made out of sack cloth).

With her face basically touching his crown jewels, I had to put my hands over my eyes – as did the ‘Gods’ of the house – MC Harvey, Ashley McKenzie, Martin Kemp and Julie Goodyear.

‘He’s completely forgotten about the cameras!’, Martin exclaimed, and Ashley added: ‘Bless his cotton socks.’

And Harvey’s face was a picture of disgust.

But Danica certainly hasn’t forgotten about the cameras. Celebrity Big Brother is more shameless self promotion for her ‘rinsing’ business – teasing guys out of money.

Just as she’s doing with the Prince (I’m predicting a ‘Danica and Prince Lorenzo have romantic holiday in New York’ article, post-show).

The question is, why, Danica, why? If you’re an independent businesswoman, WITH A BOYFRIEND, why are you doing this on TV?

If you’re up for changing public perception, why flirt tirelessly with every single man in the house?

You’re a discredit to women, Danica, and I want you off my TV now. I can’t take a single minute more of your shameless eye-fluttering, hair-twiddling and ‘I need a cuddle’ pouting.

You’re giving us girls a bad name – and I certainly wouldn’t want any young girl looking up to you as a role model.

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