I'm fascinated with Jasmine. And this is why...

Two days into Celebrity Big Brother, and I already know who my favourite housemate is.

She isn’t going to win. No way. She’s far too off-the-wall for that (I predict twinkly-eyed Martin Kemp from EastEnders will go on to victory).

But I am totally mesmerized by Jasmine Lennard.

The gold-jacket-wearing, scandal-pedaling single mum with the best cheekbones in town (and the biggest pout) has totally stolen the show for me so far.

Yes, Jasmine is ridiculously bitchy and comes out with contradictions every five minutes.

But underneath the gobbiness and the swagger, I think there’s more to Jasmine than meets the eye. She’s damaged, and she admits to it, too.

Last night we saw her confess that she’s an ‘addict’ to Harvey.

And that’s why I find her so captivating. Will we get to see a deeper, more ‘real’ Jasmine Lennard during the show? I hope so.

She’s certainly been through a hell of a lot, especially in recent times as she prepares to enter a legal battle with ex Seth Binzer from Crazy Town over the custody of their son.

Obviously, she’s at her most entertaining when she’s doing stuff like calling Rachel Hunter a ‘munter’ on Make Me a Supermodel.

And she’s already flirting with every man in sight, starting with Prince Lorenzo.

She then moved onto an intimate (read: cringey) heart-to-heart with Harvey – which was a liiiiittle bit too intense and weird, even by my standards.

Yes, Jasmine is entertainment on tap, and she’s going to aggravate everyone in the house – especially the other glamour girls – and probably get evicted quickly. 

But I think there’s more to her than meets the eye – and I hope we get to see some of that – at least before she goes stir crazy and tops her Rachel ‘munter’ moment.

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