Lady Sovereign gets the boot and speed nominations sees three housemates up for eviction...

Sov has left the building and is now throwing a strop somewhere else. Probably. She wasn’t hateful, just purely annoying. She may be 24, but she acted like a 14-year-old who’d scuffed her Reebok classics and the loud speaker on her mobile phone had bust.

While Dame Stephanie Beacham may have been a bit harsh referring to her as a ‘despicable non-entity who hasn’t been brought up properly’, she was stroppy, selfish, self involved, arrogant and wasteful. Shame really because if she’d just pulled her finger out she could have been more entertaining. She couldn’t be bothered, which could explain why her career is now where it is. I could never work out why even when she was given all the chances in her career she still threw it away. Now seeing her on Celebrity Big Brother it all makes sense.

Anyway back at the house Sisqo’s karaoke task was quite amusing. I do love it when housemates have to face ‘consequences’ as this generally means some sort of humiliation or pain. Yay.

Watching them being sprayed with everything from cold custard to cat food was good, but it got even better when ‘on a whim’ Big Brother decided to spray them all with what was left in the tanks of filth.

Stephen Baldwin continues to try and convert Alex Reid [that’s Alex F*****g Reid to you], by convincing him that an act of chance was actually an act of god. I think Alex may have believed him. Then again, Alex is stupid. Some of the housemates have said that he’s a loveable prat. I still just think he’s a prat.

I do love Dame Stephanie and Ivana Trump confessing their love of catalogue shopping. I love the idea of them pouring over the Freemans catalogue working out which free gift they will pick. Genius. I do not however love Basshunter walking around in dodgy underwear, made worse by the fact that Stephen is just a little bit too interested in it.

While I still like Vinnie Jones, he’s playing that house. He seems to pick the ones he wants out and moans about them to people, like Sov and Nicola T who found themselves up for eviction. However, he never actually votes for them himself. I am mildly confused.

Finally I think speed nominations may be the way to go from now on. Dane was the most amusing even if he was getting a bit overly worked up about the Sov situation earlier in the day. Alex and Ivana’s nominations confuse me though. Ivana nominates Jonas for running around naked, but not Alex. Meanwhile, Alex says he wants to get all the American’s out then only votes for one.

Anyway Ivana, Sisqo and Stephen are in the firing line this week. I think the bullet’s got Ivana’s name on it, but let’s see…

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