Forget the housemates, the Tree Of Temptation is the star of Celebrity Big Brother...


The Tree Of Temptation has made this series of Celebrity Big Brother. Nicola T’s challenge to insult each of the housemates then give them a kiss was great because she was actually really good at it.

You have to admire someone who tells Ivana Trump that they look like ‘a big fat orange’. The tree even threw another good insult in by telling Nicola that her own insults ‘don’t all have to be about physical appearance, they might be like me telling you how thick you are.’ Love it. Keep the insulting tree for the main series please.

I was a fan of Vinnie, but he’s losing me now. While his insults are sometimes amusing [OK, I mean the ones he directs at Alex] he’s starting to get a bit arrogant. From running to BB to try and get Sisqo kicked out, then reveling in the fact ‘that anyone who goes against him gets kicked out, it’s starting to look a bit nasty.

Hearing him talking abour the trauma of his bills isn’t helping the cause either. £160 on dog cleaners a week. I feel your pain Vinnie. Six members of staff for one hour? The horror.

I almost felt sorry for Alex the other night. By the sound of it Jordan moaned about all her Christmas presents and it does sound like the poor sod tried. However, he did ruin it by refusing to say her name even though we all knew exactly who he was talking about. On another note, he should never sing again. NEVER.

Well done to BB for using the charades task to remind Alex that Dane did an infamous sex tape with Jordan. Once again, I love you Big Brother.

I’ve been struggling this year to decide what has been my favourite moment so far as there’s been so many. However the current winner is Big Brother dropping a chocolate cake on Dame Stephanie Beacham’s head rather than giving it to her to eat.

This would have been good enough on it’s own, but the fact that they then called in all the other housemates and wound them up before getting Stephanie full on the head with a second cake was amazing. This, my friends, is TV gold!

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