Yep, the pair seemed to have hooked up again. And incorporated furniture into their loving. Nice one!

Oh nooooooes. So it looks like Louise Thompson and Spencer Matthews have been at it again on Made In Chelsea.

And this time, the ‘it’ in question was on… a sofa. Jamie Laing‘s sofa!

Yep. Oh, guys! The phrase ‘get a room!’ couldn’t be any more apt right now.

On last night’s show, Spencer confessed his sins to Louise‘s ex, Andy Jordan. Andy and Louise were about to get back together again it seems, but Spennie‘s now, um, thrown his spanner into Louise‘s works (I feel sick. Did I just write that? Really? Yeah I did) and it’s all gone wrong.


Spencer said to Andy, ‘I feel as though you should hear it from me. Louise and I hooked up. I didn’t go out of my way to do it… I didn’t mean to hurt you.’

Louise denied it all, of course. With many an unconvincing sob.

‘The problem is that I’ve done it before and got with him, so no-one is going to believe me!’ she screeched at Andy when he asked her if she’d slept with Spencer.

Er, well, nobody does believe you, dahhhling.

I hate to not be defending my fellow woman here, but… Louise. Just admit it if you did it. For once, ONCE, Spencer seemed sincere in admitting what had happened.

And I hate to side with him, but in this case, I am. And gosh, does that feel weird. But I’m going on my gut feeling.

Anyways, sofa-sex so obviously happened that it even got McVitie‘s heir, Jamie, CLEANING.

Yes, he was so disgusted that he actually used, that thing us normal folk use, Febreze, on said sex-sofa, instead of leaving Made In Chelsea‘s runners to clean up the… oh God, even I can’t go there.

If Jamie is cleaning, then something is seriously rotten in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Grim or what?!

But also totally amazing, as always.

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