Like The Situation I loved her…until I realised her repertoire comprises of just one element – flirting. With everyone.

I liked Danica Thrall when she first went into the Celebrity Big Brother house. She charmed her way into my heart in the way she charms everyone. That innocent, pretty face. The lovely Derby accent. Danica is magnetic.

And she’d – somehow – managed to charm me even on the infamous Channel 4 documentary she starred in, Sex Lies And Rinsing Guys.

Up against the other ‘rinsers’, who seemed desperate, conniving and devoid of morals, Danica had a strict policy of ‘no meeting up with guys I chat with online – EVER’.

Obviously, ‘rinsing’ lonely old men for cash and jewellery is hardly applaudable behaviour – but Danica was keeping it far, far classier than the other girls on the documentary by refusing to EVER meet her admirers.

Plus she has a thriving lads mag career on the go, too, so ‘rinsing’ was only a sideline for her.

But now the tables have turned. Danica‘s up for eviction, with SIX housemates voting for her, including the man who’s gone all starry-eyed for her, The Situation. Ouch.

So where did she go wrong?

Well, flirting with EVERY SINGLE MAN in the house for a start. You do realise that Big Brother has them there things called windows, right?

And yes, if you’re going to try and charm Sitch into taking you to LA, then interrogate Prince Lorenzo on his royal connections, you are likely to be tarred with the ‘danger: lady on the prowl for cash’ brush.

Poor old Sitch nominated Danica, saying ‘She’s playing with my emotions so to speak. I feel like she’s playing with maybe others emotions too… mainly males in order to sway opinions.’

Too right, Sitch.

Get the Queen Rinser out.

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