Thought bringing in Mr Dyer was just a gimmick? Think again

Hi there, Danny Dyer. Or Mick Carter, as the nation now knows you. I THINK I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE THAN EVER.

I’ve always loved Danny ‘off ‘is nut’ Dyer, but I think I love him even more now that I’ve seen him wearing a pink dressing gown down in Albert Square.

Some might argue that he’s a bit of a gimmick for EastEnders to get their falling rating figures back up, but I disagree.

Danny is a national treasure. He’s got that… way about him. And he’s FIT. Plus his on-screen family, the Carters, are a force to be reckoned with.

Bringing Danny in was a stroke of genius, producers. I’m betting there’s going to be a lot of mayhem to come for his character and the Carter clan.

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