Derek Branning's going to meet a sticky end tonight - we take a look back over Albert Square's other grim Crimbo storylines


Walford. It’s not exactly a place full of Christmas cheer.

OK, so there’s usually some ropey tinsel strung up, carols round the piano in The Vic, and Shirley staggering drunk through The Square with knee high boots on, bare legs and a Santa hat.

But EastEnders‘ main event on Christmas Day is inevitably a murder, scandal or affair.

Baby Jesus would be proud.

Last year, we had the Massood family fire. After a blaze at the B&B, Phil Mitchell, Masood Ahmed, Tamwar Masood and evil Dr Yusef were all caught in the fire (jeez, guys – why didn’t you just stick to the traditional log variety)?


Back in 2010, evil scary bloke Archie Mitchell was bumped off in The Vic by Stacey Slater (with Queen Victoria‘s bust – she’d be spinning in her grave).

And remember ‘Christmas cracker-gate’?

After Roxy Mitchell lied to her boyfriend, Sean Slater, that he was the father of their child, her meanie dad Archie (soon to be deceased) put a message in Sean‘s Christmas cracker that he wasn’t the father after all – complete with DNA test! SURPRISE!

Derek Branning is getting bumped off this year – but by who?!

Don’t miss out!

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