Mentalist Derren's new series of Trick Or Treat is scary, but fun...


Derren Brown is officially the scariest man on TV [apart from the sight of John McCririck in his underpants]. When interviewing him recently he confessed to having a stillborn orangutan in his hallway – while some people may think this is disgusting at least it is not only a good talking point, but a fantastic tool to scare away Jehovah Witnesses.

Anyway, his new series of Trick Or Treat did not disappoint. I really wish I had applied for the show as the first treat dished out was to make a man win a pub quiz single handedly. While I like to think of myself as pretty darn good on a pub quiz team, the extra knowledge and the freaky quick way he showed of acquiring it would be amazing.

Despite all the mind-games and manipulation, the thing that shocked me most was when Derren, while showing his skills at picking out a marked coffee bean from hundreds, said: ‘I’ll flick your bean, now that would be a first!’ How rude!

I think I love him though and would happily be his not-so-glamorous assistant, despite the fact I am clearly not his type.

May I also add that Friday nights are back on form again with the return of the absolutely brilliant Peep Show. Despite me reading one reviewer claiming it was not funny anymore I was relieved to see that they were wrong. It was ace.