The Doctor goes out in style as the whole gang return...

Ever since my mum used to hide in the kitchen scared of the Cybermen while me and my dad watched Doctor Who when I was about five-years-old, I have had a soft spot for the Sci-Fi series.

Not all Sci Fi mind you, I live with a geek and the best I can do most of the time is beg that we don’t have to watch Stargate / Firefly / Star Trek etc. while trying to make him think that watching Katie And Peter: The Next Chapter is excusable TV viewing.

Anyway, the last three episodes of this series of Doctor Who have been outstanding. It was great to see all the cast get back together. I love it when a show can do that. Also, as always with Who, there were lots of clever clues and tie ins all the way through.

I have to admit, I wasn’t a fan of Catherine Tate from the start, and I’m still not too keen on her by the end , but she served her purpose so I’ll give her that.

Not to be too smug, but I actually guessed the Doctor wasn’t going to regenerate and Donna was going to be the one who goes. It’s not that hard, basically take anything show creator Russell T Davies says in an interview and take the opposite view so when he starts going on about David Tennant leaving you know he isn’t yet.

Also it’s been widely reported that he’s doing two more one off specials before he hangs up his converse and sonic screwdriver so it didn’t take a genius. Also, Donna had to be the one who bought it because everyone else [except Rose] has a spin off series to appear in so they couldn’t really kill them.

It did make me pleased that in a way Rose and The Doctor got their happy ending. I’m also assuming that after Torchwood lost two cast members last series, that Mickey and Martha will be joining them next, which I think that would work rather nicely.

There were also some wonderfully innuendo laden lines from Captain Jack which I always appreciate, if they do also make me feel a little unclean.

Anyway, good work all round. Now bring on the Cybermen.

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