Ooh, it's all sparks on TOWIE right now - and my lady crush Ferne is truly ruling Essex

Wow. Last night’s TOWIE was an intense one, wasn’t it?!

There were fireworks (actual ones, and argument ones), and it all revolved around the lovely Ferne McCann.

Ah, Ferne, the best thing to happen to TOWIE since Lauren Goodger pushed Mark Wright into a swimming pool.

I’ve made no secret over my massive girl crush on Ferne (she’s just brilliant, basically), and she’s really bringing the storylines too.

So, last night it emerged that Ferne has still been sleeping with her cheating ex, Charlie Sims (no, Ferne, no! You can do so much better, you massive babe)!

Of course, this erupted into a big ol’ fight when fountain of annoyance, Jasmin Walia, got her gossipy oar stuck in.

Ferne was looking ace in tartan on her second date with Dan Osborne (yes, the one who’s believed to be dating Jacqueline Jossa from EastEnders – please refer to this blog for my thoughts on that).

It emerged from Dan that Abi Clarke (Jasmin‘s grating best mate) had told tales on Ferne.

‘I’ve been told that you’ve still been sleeping with Charlie,’ said Dan.

‘I’ve held my hands up and admitted that,’ replied Ferne, ‘… and I don’t think I have to justify myself on the second date.’

Ferne then exited the date after learning that none other than, er, Jasmin might be Dan‘s ‘friend with benefits’. Hypocritical or what, Jasmin?

And deary me, Dan Osborne. Please sort out which lady you’re dating. It’s getting confusing. (He also has a baby on the way with an ex-girlfriend called Megan!)


At a bonfire night party, Jasmin revealed to Charlie that she’d indeed been, er, hanging out with Dan.

‘I spent a lot of time with Dan in Vegas… and we kind of did go out on a date. He stayed round mine twice as well.’

Cue Ferne entering the party to confront Jasmin.

‘I hope we can settle our differences,’ said Ferne to Jasmin, ‘I’m sick and tired of you digging me out.’

‘Why am I digging you out?’ Jasmin replied. Well, obviously getting your mate Abi to tell Dan that Ferne still isn’t over Charlie. Duh.

‘And you say that you’re more attractive than me – I would never say that about another woman,’ Ferne said.

Go Ferne. Put Jasmin in her place.

Ferne won the argument with the frankly amazing put-down, ‘I will always be more attractive than you – because you have a vile and ugly personality!’


Now, Ferne is obviously still very confused about her feelings for her ex, Charlie. They were together for four years. It’s to be expected! And the last thing she needs is Jasmin getting involved.

Keep your head held high, Ferne. And get rid of Dan and Charlie for good whilst you’re at it. (And keeping rocking that tartan. It’s good.)

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