Step away from Charlie, Ferne - you're gorgeous, and he's dragging you down

Ooh, I bloody love a good TOWIE fight. Don’t we all?

Last night, my new favourite Essex girl, Ferne McCann, had an almighty ding-ding dong with her ex, Charlie Sims.

She knew he’d cheated on her – but in a Las Vegas club, he revealed he’d slept with 20 girls since they broke up (which was just a few months back).


Understandably, a drunken Ferne flipped her lid, and the row descended into tears and drinks being thrown.

Oh, and Ferne ripping Charlie‘s glasses off his face and throwing them to the ground (deep!).

The thing is, I actually have massive respect for Ferne for confronting love rat Charlie.

She just needs to learn to leave well alone, from now on.

Ferne is absolutely gorgeous (in a non plastic way, too) – and not only has she got a gob on her, but also a brain.

She’s a girls’ girl, too. I like girls’ girls.

Yep, she might regret chucking a drink on Charlie on camera, but he well and truly deserved it.

He broke Ferne‘s heart and he’s stupid if he thinks she’s not going to be hurt and react.

Go, gorgeous Ferne!

Now give him the silent treatment – the boy is dragging you down, and I bet there’s an actual nice guy just around the corner waiting for you.

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