Cheeky, camp, comedy - Rylan Clark is exactly what I want from my Saturday night TV viewing

I love a novelty X Factor act. It’s a tradition. Like Christmas, or Eurovision.

Jedward were my faves ever, obviously. Yep, I totally voted for them each week. I’m not ashamed.

I KNOW it’s a singing competition – which is why the amazing Ella Henderson will most probably go on to win.

But I also strongly approve of a bit of silliness. And this year, Rylan Clark‘s my winner. Singing Spandau Ballet’s Gold, in gold?

I loved it. Cheeky, camp – exactly what I want on a Saturday night. Not Carolynne snooze’ Poole singing a country version of Nicki Minaj. Um. Just no.

So obviously, I was gutted when Rylan came joint last and had to sing against Carolynne. How could he be in the bottom two in week one!

He’s way more entertaining than other boring contestants like Kye Sones, and Carolynne

Now Carolynne obviously has a better voice than Rylan. But really? Who’s going to remember her in a few weeks’ time? She is dull as dishwater.

The best bit of last night’s results show was definitely Gary Barlow flouncing off stage, though.

I was actually quite shocked at how vicious he’d been towards Rylan – saying he was embarrassed’ to have him on the show. Meanie.

When Louis Walsh saved Rylan from being voted off, Gary had a hissy fit and stormed out.

All amazing TV if you ask me.

Like ye olde days of Jedward, the comedy act is one of The X Factor‘s strongest points (Gary would have hated them them too).

I want to see Rylan get more and more ridiculous each week, a la Jedward, and I want to see Gary Barlow getting into more fights with Louis.

I can’t wait to see what Rylan comes up with next. Just don’t let him get voted out too soon!


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