Two hours of the Essex lot on the big screen? Yes please!

I have a feeling this blog is going to get a lot of hate. But you know what? You can shutuuuuuuuup if you don’t like TOWIE. On your way now, bye bye!

Yes, the unthinkable may be about to happen.

Gemma Collins, the venerable fountain of knowledge and truth that she is (oh, come on, she told Arg he’d never, ever get her ‘candy’ – and he’s obviously OD’d on it, about three months on) has said that a film version of The Only Way Is Essex is ‘gonna happen’.

She’s also said: ‘If Sex And The City can do it, so can we.’ Too right, Gem.

Can you IMAGINE? Tacky, clunky, and so orange your eyes will sizzle…I can’t wait.

And what if it’s in 3D?! Can you imagine the boobs, Botox and assorted Arg-wobbly-bits right in your face? I can. And I’m not scared. I’m excited.

It’s all so wrong that it’s right. So, so right – maybe even Mark Wright. I bet him and much-missed Amy Childs would make a return if TOWIE went big screen.

Now, let’s hope Gemma isn’t just being optimistic and that this actually happens.

Come on producers, don’t let us down.

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