He's already been in Doctor Who - the role needed a shake up

Soooo, there’s a new Doctor on the block. And he’s now been named as The Thick Of It actor Peter Capaldi.


I was rooting for a totally different Doctor Who – a girl one. A really fit one. Or even the first black Doctor.

But, nope, the BBC have stuck to their usual pattern of wiry, white, and male.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Peter Capaldi.

But it totally should have been Harry Styles. OBVIOUSLY. The Beeb would be getting audiences of, like, 20 million a week if Harry had taken the reigns.

Cara Delevingne was my prime choice in the ladies’ corner – it is well and truly time for a lady to take the role. But no. Maybe in five years’ time, eh?

And lastly – Idris Elba. One, he’s the love of my life. Two, he’s amazing in Luther and The Wire. And three, it would have been nice to have a new Doctor who broke the multicultural mould. I’m sort of sick of the BBC’s standard Doc.

Ah well.

Just one more thing – Peter Capaldi has already been in Doctor Who. He played a Roman a few years ago. Check out the video below. Erm, how are they going to explain that one?!


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