Carol's been getting her claws out again and this time she's swiping at lovely Charlotte. Not on

Yo, Carol McGiffin.

I know you’re known for your sharp tongue, being on Loose Women – but it’s not fair, or sisterly, to go around calling other woman slags’ – especially when they don’t deserve it one bit.

Not that a woman should ever be called something as offensive as a slag’, even if she does conform to that… horrible description.

Charlotte Crosby‘s up for eviction on Celebrity Big Brother, and when she learned, she started crying. Understandably! (I would.)

She’s only 23,’ Sophie Anderton said, defending Charlotte, when Carol got irritated with Charlotte‘s tears. 

Yeah, all right. Stop pretending you give a sh*t,’ Carol swiped back. She’s just a Geordie slag!’

Erm, WOW, Carol.

Carol‘s obviously up for women being able to speak their minds, being on a women-fronted panel show and all – but where’s her sense of sisterhood at?

Yep, Geordie Shore is all about drinking and bucking’, but it’s mainly the boys who go out and shag around.

Charlotte actually has a boyfriend. And before that, she was in love with Geordie Shore cast mate, Gaz Beadle, for two years.

Have you watched Geordie Shore, Carol? If so, you’ll have seen the horrible situation that Charlotte was put through by Gary.

Her reaction was often to lash out and kiss boys – but she’s completely calmed down on the pulling front recently, and is now happy with her boyfriend, Mitch

I repeat, she is not a slag.

Plus, if she was (God, I hate that word!), that’s her prerogative.

Yes, Charlotte goes out and gets totally obliterated on drink on telly – but Carol is known also for, um, being a loudmouth drunk, who flashes her knickers at the paps.

Nobody’s calling Carol a slag for showing off her body, now are they?

Carol, calm it.

By all means, if Charlotte‘s getting on your nerves then express it – but do you have to use such outmoded, vicious language towards your fellow sex?!

Oh, right, but you were probably drunk when you said it… ahem.

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