Girls writer, director and actress Lena Dunham is amazing - and I'm sick to death of seeing her criticised for her looks


Ever had the ‘ooh, he’s punching above his weight, isn’t he?’ conversation with friends?

Of course you have. It’s one I destest.

‘OMG, have you seen who he is getting with? She’s a bit out of his league, isn’t she?’

And vice versa.

I hate this conversation. Any mature adult will know that relationships are based on personality.

Of course, if your guy or girl is a total babe than that’s an added bonus – and you’ve got to fancy each other – but come on, we’re not 13 years old and in the playground anymore.

And I refuse to participate in these conversations (so stop trying to have them with me, actual real-life friends).

And the recent furore by (mostly male) TV critics over the latest episode of Girls is especially getting on my nerves.

In episode five of season two (‘One Man’s Trash‘), shown on Sky Atlantic last Monday, Hannah (Lena Dunham) enjoyed a fling with an older doctor (Joshua), played by Golden Globe-winning actor Patrick Wilson.

It’s been almost universally acknowledged on the Internet that this whole storyline was preposterous – mainly because Lena isn’t stick thin, and Patrick is regarded as Hollywood hotness.

(I’d like to interject here that I don’t find Patrick Wilson attractive. In the slightest. And that I think Lena Dunham is amazing and clever and sparky and pretty. But I won’t comment that doctor Joshua was punching above his weight by sleeping with a clever, funny 24-year-old… because I refuse to participate in this outmoded view on relationships).

Esquire called the episode a ‘fantastical, implausible story’, whilst asked: ‘How can a girl like that get a guy like this?’

Well, excuse me!

Yes, Hannah is a mess of feelings. She’s complicated, she gabbles crap, she’s unconfident at times – and she’s not supermodel thin.

But neither are most women. Does that mean we don’t have the chance to pull someone perceived, and I stress the word perceived, to be ‘out of our league’?


I’m not going to go into my love life here but if I’d listened to that notion that these critics are following – and a lot of my friends, too – I’d probably have snogged approximately… three men by now.

And a lot of men wouldn’t have ever approached me either. So there.

And the same goes for everyone. Including you, meanie TV critics.

Just sayin’.

Lena Dunham is doing a typical Lena here, and getting us talking about something we should be talking about – and this is why I love her so.

But I don’t appreciate the criticism she’s getting for DARING to show her boobs on TV – and depicting a relationship between an older man and a younger girl – which is probably being played out a million times over across the world as you read this.

Go Lena! And don’t stop what you’re doing. Ever.