Viewers have been complaining about the upsetting scene, but I think Downton Abbey is covering a very relevant topic

I love Downton Abbey, and so does the rest of the nation.

However, Sunday night’s episode has got people up in arms – because it covered the topic of rape.

In the episode, much-loved Anna Bates (Joanne Froggatt) was raped by a valet (Nigel Harman).

The storyline has been deemed shocking’ and a cheap thrill’, by various newspapers.

This gratuitous rape scene shattered Downton‘s magic,’ says the Daily Mail.

Oh, God. Really?!

Of course, Downton is perfect Sunday night escapism.

But surprise, surprise, guys – rape happens. And, shock, it happened back in the 1920s too. Women weren’t just doing The Charleston and looking fabulous in beaded dresses.

Or in the case of servant Anna, dressing her mistress and playing cards.

Though many viewers have apparently been vowing to switch their TVs off in future (the magic being shattered’, and all that – sigh), I think most fans will understand that these powerful and emotive scenes will only raise awareness, and get people talking (like I am now).

Of course, the majority of us don’t want to see a woman attacked on TV.

But rape definitely happened then – and it still happens now. And people are living in the dark if they want to pretend it doesn’t.

Rape isn’t a subject we should shy away from discussing. The more aware we are of it, the more chance people are to get help if it happens to them.

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