It's Luisa vs. Leah on The Apprentice tonight - we should be celebrating a female-only final, not focusing on the girls' looks!

I opened a copy of The Sun this morning, and what’s the first thing I see?

Apprentice finalist Luisa Zissman on Page 3, celebrating boob jobs.

Ok, whatever, fine. Luisa is totally entitled (and qualified) to talk about breast implants – she’s had her boobs done – but why does The Sun have to put Luisa on the first page the majority of its readers, ahem, read when they buy it?

I want to know about Luisa vs. Leah Totton in The Apprentice final, please – not about Luisa‘s boobs.

I have heard ENOUGH about Luisa‘s chest. And Leah‘s lips. And how the girls were cherry-picked to make this series more glam.

Bla bla bla! I want to watch the girls in action on telly – I’m sick of the imaginary cat-fight that the media is drumming up – just because they’re both attractive.

Later on in the paper there’s a double page spread on the all-girl final, with commentary by Katie Hopkins (dubbed ‘catty Katie‘ on the page – nice!)

It’s an interesting(ish) read, solely because Katie Hopkins is extremely opinionated, but it is, predictably very much focused on bitching and breasts.

And I am sick of this being the main view that has been taken over this series of The Apprentice.

‘One blonde, the other brunette, they’re like a pair of bookends,’ Katie comments. As if this is the only way of commenting on an all-female final.

Where’s your celebration of powerful women, Katie? Who cares what colour hair the girls have?!

The general gist from Katie Hopkins is that us women all hate each other – and even more so if our female rivals are pretty.

Argh! It’s just not true. Do we all go around thinking, ‘I’m not talking to her because she’s got nicer legs than me’, or, ‘I’m not going into a meeting with her at work because she’s got a better bum than I do’?!

Er, nope.

‘With her tiny waist and fake, pneumatic chest, Luisa‘s the kind of girl to put a woman’s teeth on edge as much as the saccharine cupcakes she sells,’ comments ex-Apprentice candidate, Katie.

Um, ok, then. To be honest, it’s more Luisa‘s forthright and ruthless business manner which grinds peoples’ gears – not her ‘fake, pneumatic chest’.

Luisa herself has said, ‘I don’t think we should be criticised or judged for the way we look. People should recognise us for our abilities in business and go, ‘You know what girls, you’ve done bloody well.”

EXACTLY. Luisa runs two successful businesses, and also has a young daughter – and she’s only 25.

Leah Totton is a strong candidate too, but I’ve watched the whole series and I’m just… Team Luisa.

She’s a proper Marmite kind of candidate, but I like her hardnosed ways.

And no, I don’t hate either of the girls because they’re pretty. And I’m a career woman, too – so there.

Come on, girls – everyone needs to know that we support each other in business. And that looks don’t come into it. One bit.

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