Nope, it wasn't the obvious suspect. I've thought about this carefully and reckon the murderer is a woman

So last night’s Downton Abbey,
the series 4 finale, saw evil rapist Mr Green (Nigel Harman) die by falling, or more likely being shoved, under a bus.

Green had raped lady’s maid Anna Bates (Joanne Froggatt)in an episode that has been deemed shocking (but I think the topic is completely justified in being covered – even in dear old Downton. Click here to read my thoughts).

When John Bates learned about beloved wife Anna‘s assault, she swore a ‘ruffian stranger’ did it, for fear that he would kill Green, and go to the noose for it, having been in prison before an’ all.

So did her devoted husband murder Green, as she feared he would?

I don’t think so! This is my theory…

Green was killed in London, off camera.

Bates claimed he went to York on his day off – without much explanation – so he could have easily nipped down to London for a bit of bus-shoving.

But the thing is, Bates doesn’t definitely know that it was Green who raped Anna. He suspects, but he’s not sure.

The only two people who do know, apart from Anna and Green, are housekeeper Mrs Hughes (who was at Downton all day at the time, so is ruled out) – and Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery).

And who was in London all day – on the day of Green‘s death – but Lady Mary and Anna.


I think it was Anna (most probably). Or even Lady Mary. (There’s a possibility. She’s fiercely loyal to Anna, who is her confidante – not just her servant.)

But mainly I think it was Anna whodunit.

Lady Mary was tied up having tea with jazz player Jack Ross and finding out if he really intended to marry Lady Rose.

Anna could have definitely done a bit of secret shoving off-screen – still traumatised by Green’s vicious attack. She had the motivation for murder. 

Lady Mary even spoke to suitor Charles Blake about the ethics of keeping quiet on such a matter – if it was justified. 

Which could again point to Anna being the murderer. Or Bates, obvs, but I’m totally into the Anna theory. 

What do you think?

Golly, as they’d say at Downton, I can’t wait to find out. We’ll just have to wait until Christmas, now…

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