You'll never guess who...

God, do EastEnders know how to string a storyline out.

And the case of Kat Slater/Moon/Scarlet Woman of 2012 and her mystery lover is no exception. This one’s been going for months. ENOUGH NOW, YEAH?

Seriously, EastEnders – I can’t take much more. But that’s ok – because now we’re going to find out the truth.

After last night’s Bed Bugs SpeshTM, I think I’ve got it worked out. Because obviously, whoever’s been tussling with bed-bug-riddled Kat will get the itchies too.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an affair revealed on any soap in the same manner. Hats off scriptwriters.

In case you’re wondering, a down-and-out Shirley Mitchell brought the bed bugs into the Queen Vic.

But Kat could definitely do with a good fumigating after her recent dirty behaviour, so it works out nicely for all involved.

Now, tonight, (please let it be tonight) the man who’s been scratching Kat‘s, um, itches will be revealed.

I hope.

Or it’s going to be another three months of Kat hoiking up her boobs and pouting at a manly shadow, whilst whispering, ‘You shouldn’t be ‘ere!’ every episode, to a possible Michael Moon/Max Branning/Jack Branning/Derek Branning.

Or maybe she’s been doing the dirty with all four men?! Who knows with Kat Slater

Sigh. It’s tough being a TV addict.

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